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Image by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri
RoadBook 104K

Departure from Corniglio

Friday 09/17/2021

at 10.00 pm from the Castle square.

Time limit 26 HOURS.

RoadBook 32K 

Departure from Rifugio Lagdei

Saturday 18/09/2021

at 10:00 

Time limit 7 HOURS.

RoadBook UltraKvertical 

Departure from Roman Bridge (Corniglio)

Sunday 09/19/2021

at 10:00 

Time limit 1.45 HOURS.

RoadBook 62K

Departure from Corniglio

Saturday 18/09/2021

at 07:00 from Castle square.

Time limit 15 HOURS.

RoadBook 18K

Departure from Corniglio

Saturday 09/18/2021

at 4:00 pm from Castle square.

Time limit 4 HOURS.

FANS RoadBook

Useful tips to follow the Athletes in the most significant steps, along the path of the UKT races...


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